CLICK TO REGISTER FOR WEBINAR Tuesday 12th Sept 5pm-6:30 Self-regulation: what's it all about by Sarah Cavallaro
'Self-regulation' or emotional regulation are buzz words among early childhood professionals at the moment. But what is self-regulation and how do children 'learn' it? This presentation will break down self-regulation into its component parts and discuss what contributes to its development. This will include an overview of executive functioning, sensory processing and social-emotional development. Examples of how teachers can promote self regulation skills in the classroom or play ground will be included.
Age range taught: All | Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,4 | NQS Quality Areas: 1 

CLICK TO REGISTER FOR WEBINAR Wednesday 4th October 6pm -7:30pm Literacy is more than ABC by Sue Southey
Literacy is a highly valued form of knowledge in our education system. Many teachers and educators teach literacy by breaking down literacy skills into small units of knowledge that can be taught through repetition and drill. An alternative is to view literacy as in a meaning-making process that connects children with knowledge, skills and dispositions, and which inspires them to communicate through text and print. This workshop presents practical strategies for teaching children to read and write using their own interests and relationships with others.
Age range taught: Pre-Kindy - Kindy Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,2,3,7 NQS Quality Areas: 1,6 

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